We have 2 convienent locations in Longview Texas:

Primary Colors Preschool
3605 Gilmer Road
Longview, Texas 75604

Primary Colors Preschool
1901 Toler Road
Longview, Texas 75064


The philosophy of our preschool program is to consider the total child and his/her social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  The preschool provides services for the child, family and community.  The preschool’s goal is to add to and strengthen (but not replace) the care, guidance and culture provided in the home.

In keeping with this philosophy, the objectives of our program are as follows:

  1. To provide a physically and emotionally safe and healthy environment for children.
  2. To provide support and guidance to the total family through daily conversation and parent conferences if necessary.
  3. To provide a professionally trained staff to help guide the child and family.  To recognize and address needs and problems as they develop.
  4. To provide a variety of activities to stimulate and advance each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.  To create an environment that promotes the development of self-confidence and  positive self-esteem.
  5. To provide the children with good, nutritious meals and snacks while at the center.

In conclusion, our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child. Our objective is to support children's desire to be life-long learners while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.